A session for Industry Use Case on Automation using Ansible

Aayushi Shah
2 min readDec 29, 2020

Yesterday, Mr Vimal Daga sir and Preeti ma’am had arranged a practical session based on the industry uses of Automation using ansible. It was conducted by two of the best industry experts Sreejith Anjun and Arun Eapen.

We came across many new conceptual things and terminology. It was overall a great experience. While attending the session things like Cloud VMs provisioning, Workflow using CICD (Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment), Ansible Tower, Job Template, Credentials, real-time automatic messaging services like Slack, Orchestration tools for Ansible.

Session Briefing

Automation refers to contolling technologies automatically with the help of a advance tool such as Ansible.

👉 This can help in Configuration management, security config, provisioning at many other things at a larger scale.

👉 Scaling- in todays technical world the real use cases dont have a single system but large number of system to be configured for serving many purposes and if any of the system fails to function then the other one alive can serve the purpose. So scalling is important.

👉 Job template is used for discovering the playbook and running multiple playbooks together.

Ansible tower: It helps you to scale you automation i.e increase number of controller nodes.

Helps in provisioning,launching virtual machines from oracle cloud and many more ansible tower has WEBUI which makes it easier to use.

👉 In ansible tower the credentials are more secure without passwd encryption.

Ansible tower can store your multiple cloud platform credentials.

👉 Ansible tower help u to automate cloud platforms and Morden notification based applications such as slack etc.

In the end, I would like to LinuxWorld.org for this great opportunity and amazing expert session. I will definitely look for attending much more session like this.

Thank You!!!