Kubernetes: revolutionizing the development industry

Kubernetes and the Need for Containers

Some of its features include:

  • The ability to automatically place containers according to your resource requirements, without affecting availability.
  • Service discovery and load balancing: no need to use an external mechanism for service discovery as Kubernetes assigns containers their own IP addresses and a unique DNS name for a set of containers and can balance the load on them.
  • Planning: it is in charge of deciding in which node each container will run according to the resources it requires and other restrictions. It mixes critical and best-effort workloads to enhance resource utilization and savings.
  • Enable storage orchestration: automatically set up the storage system as a public cloud provider. Or an on-premise networked storage system such as NFS, iSCSI, Gluster, Ceph, Cinder and others.
  • Batch execution: in addition to services, Kubernetes can manage batch and IC workloads, replacing failed containers.
  • Configuration and secret management: sensitive information such as passwords or ssh keys are stored in Kubernetes hidden in ‘secrets’. Both the application’s configuration and secrets are deployed and updated without having to rebuild the image or expose sensitive information.
  • Self-repair: restart failed containers, replace and re-program them when nodes die. Also, remove unresponsive containers and do not publish them until they are ready.
  • Execution of automated deployments where changes to the application or its configuration are progressively implemented, while its status is monitored. This ensures that you do not delete all your instances at once. If something goes wrong, Kubernetes will reverse the change.

Use Cases

Self-Healing and Scaling Services

Serverless, with Server

Optimized Resource Usage with Namespaces

Hybrid and Multiclouds




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