Launch EC2 Instance and Attach EBS volume

Below steps need to be performed using AWSCLI

🔅 Create a key pair

🔅 Create a security group

🔅 Launch an instance using the above created key pair and security group.

🔅 Create an EBS volume of 1 GB.

🔅 The final step is to attach the above created EBS volume to the instance we created in the previous steps.

STEP 1 :- Create a IAM User

STEP 2 :- Download and Install AWSCLI for Windows

STEP 3 :- Login in AWSCLI

STEP 4 : Create Key Pair

STEP 5 :- Create Security Group

STEP 6:- Launch EC2 Instance

STEP 7 :- Create EBS Volume

STEP 8 : — Attach EBS volume



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